VRBO/Homeaway/AirBnB…save 5-12% and book direct!

I did a booking of one of our properties (Paradise Point) through our website (www.SmithLakeRentals.com) and through VRBO.com. Here are the things that bother me about VRBO:

  • they added 8% to the nightly rate. This can be up to 12% and there is no rhyme or reason to the percentage,
  • they call our Damage Deposit Waiver a \”Resort Fee\” and then try to sell you their own Damage Deposit Waiver,
  • they collect their \”Service Fee\” up front via credit card and then do not pass the CC information along to us. This confuses most guests as we have to get the card again when we do the actual booking,
  • they make you think that you will call them if there are problems. If you call them, they will refer you to us,
  • they let you ask us questions but they mask all information to ensure you do not come to us direct and cut them out of the transaction. This can cause issues once you get OUR agreement and you do not agree with something. Then you have to go about getting your \”service fee\”.

So what do you do? Google the name of the company or the name of the property. Hopefully the results will direct you to a place you can deal directly with the owner or property manager and bypass the extra fees. In our case, you will deal directly with Andrea and I assure you that you will have a pleasurable experience.

Jeff Thomas, Broker and Buyer\’s Agent, Smith Lake Rentals and Sales